Soils & Mulches


Screened Topsoil: $40.00 per cubic yard
Ideal for filling in bare spots in lawns or for use in the installation of new lawns.

Screened Garden Compost: $40.00 per cubic yard
Ideal for planting gardens, flowers and other plant material.


Mulch is an excellent way to dress up landscaping, help plant material retain moisture and prevent weeds.

Colored Red Mulch$46.00 per cubic yard
Colored Chocolate Mulch$46.00 per cubic yard
Colored Black Mulch$46.00 per cubic yard
Double Ground Red Pine Mulch$56.00 per cubic yard
Cedar Mulch$56.00 per cubic yard
Premium Hardwood Mulch$43.00 per cubic yard
*** These prices DO NOT include delivery. ***

Quality Soils and Mulches

Grahek's, Inc. offers top-quality soils and mulches to our valued customers. You can buy top soil for your new lawn or to fill in bare spots. Meanwhile, the garden compost we offer is made from the right combination of raw materials. It is perfect for your flower gardens and other plantings in your landscape. We also have a large inventory of premium quality mulches; available in different colors and varieties. You can opt for colored mulches if you would like to create an interesting drama in your landscaping or we offer more natural colored mulches for a more subtle, muted look in your landscape. We sell our soils in bulk and sell our mulches either in bulk or by the bag.

Prompt Delivery of Soils and Mulches

Since we have a large inventory of soils and mulches, we can cater to the needs of all types of clients, whether they are homeowners, commercial property owners, property developers or landscape contractors. We have the capability to deliver anywhere from 1 cubic yard to 20 cubic yards at a time. By getting your materials from us, there won't be any delay in the completion of your landscaping project. Please call us at (231) 775-9362 for a quote or to place an order.